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Dojo Fees

  1. Dojo fees are $35 per month, collected at the beginning of the month. 
  2. NCKF+AUSKF membership fee structure:
    • Ages 18 and older (non-students, all ranks): $110 per year
    • Ages 18 and older (students, all ranks): $80 per year
    • Ages 17 and younger (1-dan and higher): $80 per year
    • Ages 17 and younger (1-kyu and lower): $70 per year
  3. An initiation fee of $10 is also required of first-time registrants
For 2021 Only:
Due to the impact of COVID19 on our ability to host in-person practice, the following is the fee schedule for 2021.

Please use Paypal to pay dojo fees. if you have Paypal account then login and use  for payee email. 

  1. MV Kendo is a not-for-profit dojo, and the fees are used to rent practice space and purchase dojo supplies.
  2. Dojo fees do not include cost of equipment, and tournament and testing fees.
  3. NCKF+AUSKF membership is mandatory for all members for liability insurance purposes.
  4. Federation membership allows you to test and participate in tournaments. Members can also practice at other NCKF dojo without paying additional fees.
  5. Beginners are required to pay 3 months' fees ($105) in advance at the time of registration.
  6. If you anticipate a break from practice, please inform us in advance so that you are not charged for missed months.